The hot-dip galvanized coating is formed when steel is dipped into molten zinc at over 450°C (800°F).

The methods required to clean the steel before this step normally involve water solutions of various chemicals. The water in these solutions can leave moisture on various parts of the steel work; when heated, the drops expand rapidly and cause small “explosions” or spatter. This sends molten zinc flying in every direction, and leads to safety issues, waste of zinc, and maintenance issues around the zinc kettle. There can also be production impacts, as having to dip the parts more slowly can lead to quality issues and slower production. ANTIBLAST is Soprin’s response to this issue. ANTIBLAST is an additive for the preflux solution; this wetting agent package essentially eliminates zinc explosions caused by moisture on the work surfaces.*


  • Zinc Savings: less surface agitation means lower skimmings, and less zinc spatter in the area around the kettle;
  • Operator Safety: no molten metal flying around workers;
  • Increased Quality and Production: faster dipping means faster production, and less opportunity for “flux burn” and similar quality issues;
  • Flux Consumption: reduced due to better drainage;
  • Less Maintenance: less prying of splashed zinc from crane rails, enclosure walls, the floor and the ceiling.


* Of course, this assumes proper fabrication regarding venting and drainage
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