As the dry fluxing technique was introduced into the hot dip galvanizing process, so the debate on what was the best balance between ammonium chloride and zinc chloride in the fluxing bath started. Through its experience gained worldwide, Soprin has identified the best molar composition as 2.5:1, that is 50% zinc chloride and 50% ammonium chloride. This composition best answers the various fluxing needs in general galvanizing plants in respect of all sorts of steel pieces of differing shape, thickness and composition.
Soprin has also taken other factors into account when selecting the salts that make up FIFTY-FIFTY:

  • Maximum purity of the material to avoid a build-up of unwanted substances in the fluxing bath;
  • FIFTY-FIFTY is anhydrous and microcrystalline in formulation to help the solubility of the product and avoid heaps of undissolved salt on the bottom of the tank;
  • Simple management;
  • Maximum compatibility with Soprin’s additives for the fluxing bath: FILMFLUX and ANTIBLAST.
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