Phosphor (P), carbon (C) and silicon (Si) are important components in the composition of steels to guarantee specific mechanical characteristics. In the galvanising process, the Sandelin curve shows that as the quantity of silicon varies, also the increase of the iron-zinc alloy varies. At certain values of silicon the increase is enormous and  accounts for great problems where the adherence of the coating is concerned, causing an excessive absorption of zinc, hardening and embrittlement of the alloy and loss of brightness on the surface.
FILMFLUX is the ideal solution because FILMFLUX is a liquid additive for the flux bath, acting as an inhibitor by reducing the reactivity of the steel.


  • It performs a selective control of the formation of the FeZn alloy (the product is much more active in the presence of Si);
  • It improves the brightness of the galvanised coating at a temperature from 445° to 450°C;
  • It improves the adherence of the coating;
  • It increases the elasticity of the coating;
  • It reduces the formation of drosses;
  • It reduces the formation of ashes;
  • It improves the flux’s protective function against the oxidation of the steel;
  • It is simple to use both in hot and cold fluxes.
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