Cold rolling and machine processes done on steel components leave residual oil and grease on the surface of the metal. Before efficent pretreatment of the surface of the steel can be obtained suitable for galvanising this oil and grease has to be removed.
HYDRONET is a chemical degreaser operating at an acid pH, it transforms oils and greases into a flocculant which settles at the bottom of the bath.


  • It is compatible with the pickling baths so there is no need to rinse the materials before the pickling stage;
  • It performs a pre-pickling operation which increases the productive potential of the actual pickling stage;
  • It reduces pickling time while controlling the aggression of the hydrochloric acid on the steel;
  • It works at room temperature (not below 18°C and not over 40°C), to get better performance we suggest to work at a temperature between 30°C and 35°C;
  • The solution is easy to handle simply by checking the pH regularly (weekly in big baths, daily in small baths).
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