The pickling stage in hot dip galvanizing is fundamental for a successful outcome of the actual process. The most popular method worldwide for removing oxides and mill scale (in other words, pickling) consists of an aqueous solution containing hydrochloric acid. With this method the oxides and mill scale are attacked by the hydrochloric acid to form a ferrous chloride salt (FeCl2), which dissolves in the solution. When this solution is spent it must be disposed of and replaced with a new solution. Disposal of spent hydrochloric acid solutions is becoming more and more complex and costly due to the gradual tightening up of environmental legislation. So much so that nowadays disposal costs weigh heavily on the price per tonne of hot dip galvanized steel.

MULTIACID is Soprin’s answer to this issue.
MULTIACID is a regenerator of hydrochloric acid pickling baths (HCl).
MULTIACID acts directly on the ferrous chloride, breaking up the iron-chlorine bond and separating hydrochloric acid from an insoluble iron oxide that can be easily filtered off.


  • 95% reduction in costs for purchasing new acid (HCl);
  • No waste pickling liquors to be disposed of;
  • No handling of spent HCl tanks to be sent to treatment centres;
  • Continual pickling efficiency, since the parameters of the process remain optimal;
  • Easy, safe treatment, which generates no type of emission;
  • Multiacid, added in its crystalline form to the process, does not increase the volumes of treated liquor.
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